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Paris!  I am so in love with this city.  Speaking of love, I had the amazing opportunity in June to fly to Paris to photograph several beautiful couples.  It was my second trip to Paris in the last year, and I could go back next week if I had the opportunity. Carly and Jason were my first session of the trip and wow!! There couldn’t be a more picture perfect couple to photograph in the city of love! They are celebrating 10 years of marriage.  They have two beautiful children and they still look at each other like newlyweds!

We met in the late afternoon at the Eiffel Tower to start. We were dodging rain drops the whole time, but amazingly, this couple was unfazed!  Even her hair and make-up stayed perfect. I asked them if they have an overall philosophy on marriage and here is their response:

Our philosophy on marriage is to live each day to the fullest, practice patience, support each others passions, and to make our growing bond a priority, that means continuing to date each other, travel the world together and growing our faith together, to love each other even on our toughest days, and to model the love, respect, and life we would want our own children to strive for.

Here is my favorite picture from our session…

The Eiffel Tower sure does make for some epic images!

I asked this beautiful couple what prompted them to schedule a photo session in Paris…

We were engaged in NY city, said I DO in Jamaica, announced we were expecting our first child in Egypt, and figured if we are going to be in the city of love to celebrate 10 years of marriage this would be the perfect splurge. I am so happy we chose this gift to ourselves, the pictures truly captured our happiness and love for each other.

The rain drops in these pictures by the carousel right near the Eiffel Tower are to die for…

Our second stop was Cafe Kleber right across from the Place Trocadero for a few pictures and a glass of champagne.

I asked Carly what her favorite part about her husband is and she replied,

I love most about Jason that he is always up for an adventure. He makes me laugh every single day and from day 1 he has always made me feel like a princess. I never have to question his love and loyalty to his marriage and family. He is my best friend and I can’t imagine this journey through life without it.

Then I asked Jason what his favorite part about his wife is,

It’s actually a number of things I love most about her. I love that no matter where we are in life or even physical location, we can be happy as long as we are together. I love that she gets my humor. I love her smile and laugh. I love her ability to inspire and lead others. I love that she has brought so many great friendships into my life and that she can make friends with anyone and anywhere we go. Her love and kindness is contagious. I love the mother and role model she has become for our children. She is my ‘love’.



I asked this lovely couple how they felt when they saw their pictures…

The pictures brought me to tears. As a busy mom that works from home I rarely get to dress up and play fancy. I really felt like a princess being swept off my feet. I honestly loved each one because I could feel the love in our smiles and hear the laughter. The way Jay was looking at me in the pictures is how he does on the daily and it made me realize what a man I have been blessed with. Paris is on my daughters #1 wish list of places to go, we plan to take her there someday and to all the spots that captured our hearts during our vacation. She looked at all the pics over and over again with the sweetest smile on her face.

After the Cafe, we made our way on the metro to the Louvre for the finale of our session!

What was your favorite part of your trip tp Paris?

Our last day we toured Paris with friends stoping at cafe after cafe for Rose and conversations and it truly reminded me of one aspect of why our marriage is so strong. We love each other but we love welcoming friends into our lives and spending time sharing memories with others. It was one of the best days touring, laughing, and learning from each other.


What advice would you give to newly wed couple for a string marriage?

Marriage is far from perfect, it takes commitment and patience, but as long as you refuse to give up on your love, respect the other person, accept how perfectlyimperfect they are…..you will grow, fall down, get back up and build your own beautiful unique love story.

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