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I hardly ever post images form my headshot sessions, but I do a ton of them! I photographer headshots for small companies, realtors, local actors, personal branding and general purpose business headshots. For women, we offer the option to add professional hair and make up – which is so much fun! You can choose a […]

Raleigh Headshot Photographer


Headshot photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina

I have had the privilege of being one of the recommended photographers for Cary Academy seniors for many years.  I always enjoy photographing these very dynamic young people!  Emily was no exception.  She had some awesome clothing choices and great ideas for her session.  We went to two different locations so we got a lot […]

Emily | Cary Senior Portraits


Raleigh and Cary North Carolina Senior Portrait photographer Cari Long Photography

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to watch my clients grow up in front of my eyes!  I have so many wonderful families that I have been photographing since their kids were little bitty.  Then I get to photograph their senior pictures as they are getting ready to fly […]

Tess | Gorgeous Raleigh Senior Portraits


Cary North Carolina Senior Pictures by Cari Long Photography

Photographing Raleigh high school seniors is just so much fun for me!  I love this age group.  They are just on the brink of adulthood and walking into the next chapter of their lives.  I really enjoy hearing all of the plans they have for the future.  Here they want to go to college, what […]

Megan | Raleigh Senior Photographer


Raleigh North Carolina High School Senior Photographer Cari Long Photography

Beautiful Madysen chose a more urban look for her senior portraits. She also had great outfits with so much variety.  I love a long dress or a prom dress for some images and then she also brought a jacket for one outfit.  The hat that went with her last outfit was perfect!  I love a […]

Cary High School Senior Portraits


High School Senior Photographer is Cary and Raleigh North Carolina

This high school senior photo session was so much fun! Cara is a girl with a strong sense of style and fashion.  The outfits she selected were perfection!  I love it when my clients have a lot of variety in the outfit choices. We found a parking garage in downtown Raleigh that was completely empty […]

Raleigh High School Senior Photographer


Cary and Raleigh North Carolina High School Senior Photographer

A photo session in Paris with your handsome husband is a once in a lifetime dream come true!  Getting all glammed up at 5:00 in the morning is totally worth it to get beautiful sunrise in Paris pictures where it appears that you are the only two in the city!  Holly and Paul are from […]

Paris Anniversary Session | Paris Vow Renewal

anniversary sessions

Gorgeous Paris Vow Renewal by photographer Cari Long.

You would never know it, but this Raleigh High School Senior session was shot on an extremely hot day! Sophia was such a trooper, but she was dying – so were her mom and I! Her mom had a whole roll of paper towels that we were blotting her with! But it all worked out […]

Sophia | Raleigh High School Senior Session


Raleigh, North Carolina High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Cari Long Photography | Cary High school Senior Pictures

Emma’s senior portrait session was fun because we got to do part of it at the beach while both of our families were there staying with friends.  I used film, both color and black and white, for all of the beach images.  I absolutely love the quality and grain in film images!  The beach session […]

Emma | Cary Senior Portraits